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Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops

With the objective of looking after area expansion and production of horticulture crops, Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops was formed and started functioning from September 26, 1979 onwards. The policy of the department mainly focus on “Doubling the production and “Tripling the farmer’s income”, making Horticulture ‘A Profitable Venture’ through modern technologies,ensuring better livelihood to the Horticulture farmers.

To further fulfil the objectives of the department, Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development Agency was formed as a “Special Purpose Vehicle” and the agency is functioning from 2004 onwards, which implements Horticulture Schemes funded by the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu.

To provide Horticultural Technologies & Government schemes to farmers and coordinate departmental activities, staffs are working in Block, District and State level under the Horticulture department.

There are 61 State Horticulture Farms which undertakes timely production and distribution of quality pedigree planting materials of Horticulture crops to the farmers and serve as a “Model Demonstration Farms” on the latest technology.

The Horticulture Department maintains 18 Parks which act as recreation centres for the visitors and tourists and also serves as an educational centre for students and Botanists.

With the continuous intervention of the Horticulture Department, in the last years, the area under horticulture crops has increased annually by 2.7% and annual production 7%.

Horticulture Department continuously fulfil the needs of the farmers and other stakeholders and make the Horticulture more vibrant.